My name is Dorte Bredgaard and I'm Danish. I used to be a dentist. For 25 years I worked as a traditional dentist, but something changed my view on things. As I had a lot of questions that science couldn't provide the answer for, I set out to find answers that would make sense. I discovered that our whole body is massively influenced by our feelings and emotions - including our teeth. Teeth respond in a bad way to words not being spoken. If we bite our tongue instead of speaking up for ourselves, different diseases will occur.

In 2005, I began to research the connection between teeth, communication and diseases and in 2012 I released my first book called: "Can you bite back - without teeth?" (only available as an e-book.). In 2016, I wrote my second book and in 2017 this was translated into English. It's available as an e-book as well as a paperback.

I worked as a holistic dentist for some years but in 2010 I had an accident where my left hand was injured and I could no longer work as a dentist. Since that time my focus has been entirely spiritual and thus finding causes instead of treating symptoms. Masking symptoms, you might call it, because if you listen to your teeth, they will guide you to a better life. They can only guide you if you accept their help.

I have seen diseases disappear spontaneously once the cause has been addressed. Diseases/symptoms are like a good friend telling you to change course and when you listen, this good friend will stop correcting you.

Today my job is to translate "the secret language of the teeth". I do this person-to-person or on Skype or telephone.



Dental Phobia




Emotions behind dental diseases




Sessions: 166.99 USD / 141.20 EUR pr hour


"Can you bite back - without teeth?": 27.99 USD / 23.67 EUR

"Teeth don't lie" (epub): 27.99 USD / 23.67 EUR

"Teeth don't lie" (paperback): 39.99 USD / 33.81 EUR + shipping


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